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English in Action 2018/19

As every year, English in Action was organized for the students of the 7th forms. From 8th to 12th April 2019 two native speakers, Dale and Daniela, came to our school to make the English language more accessible to us.


Emphasis was put on spoken English and our main goal was to become more fluent in conversations and to improve on fluency. We did various group activities, ranging from planning parties to creating our own island, which were finally discussed and reviewed in class. During this week some students prepared stage plays to be performed in front of a huge audience on Friday, at our school’s Easter Celebration. Other students, who did not like to perform on stage, prepared Power Point Presentations on topics of their choice to be then presented in class. We all had a pleasant time and enjoyed participating in the English in Action project. To cut it short: We can only recommend it!

Barbara Gruber and Joana Köhler, 7B

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