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English in Action

In April 2010 class 7A turned into English native speakers. ;-)

Two teachers from Britain, Chris and Sally, supported us with a lot of enthusiasm and patience.


Our class was divided into two groups and we improved our English by working in pairs and playing sketches.

EnglishinAction1Bild / Grafik vergrößern
EnglishinAction3Bild / Grafik vergrößern
EnglishinAction2Bild / Grafik vergrößern

At the end of the week we presented our sketches and projects in front of all the students and staff.


Everybody was quite nervous but in the end it surprisingly worked very well.

EnglishinAction4Bild / Grafik vergrößern
EnglishinAction6Bild / Grafik vergrößern
EnglishinAction5Bild / Grafik vergrößern

The audience was very amused and we didn't miss any chance to disgrace ourselves.

EnglishinAction7Bild / Grafik vergrößern
EnglishinAction9Bild / Grafik vergrößern
EnglishinAction8Bild / Grafik vergrößern

To sum up, it was a pretty impressive week and we all benefitted a lot from it.


By Stephanie Laggner, Elisabeth Gurmann and Thomas Solar  


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