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Intensivsprachwoche der 7A auf Malta

1st day 23/5
5:07 a.m. departure at Althofen heading towards Munich airport The bus trip was very funny, we took a lot of pictures. On the way we passed Murau, Fortress Finstergruen, and Obertauern. Then we had a little coffee break. Then we passed the marvellous Chiemsee and everyone was really fascinated.


At 10:00 we reached the airport. The flight had a two hours delay. So each of us got a 15 Euro voucher, so we had lunch twice. Some of us saw celebrities such as Janette Biedermann and Scooter.

We took off at 14:45 ans were really excited and fascinated, for some of us it was the first flight. On board we got a snack and something to drink. Our flighthight was about 12000 metres and the temperature up there was -65 Fahrenheit.

We landed at 16.45 and it was so hot, summer had already begun on Malta. Thanks god, we got all our suitcases, none got lost and so we headed towards the bus. Our host parents were waiting in front of school and so we got our first impressions of the following week. Most shelters were definitely better than we had expected.

Late at night we made a walk through St. Julians to get a first impression of the area. Some even jumped into the sea although the water seemed to be cold. Back at home we fell into our beds because it was a long day full of new experiences. (Nadine, Martina)

sunday 24/5
after our first breakfast with our hostfamilies we gathered in front of school at 8:20 There we waited for the bus which took us to Cirkewwa. Our guide, named Victoria, managed to get the tickets for the ferry and so we headed off to the sister island Gozo. A typical Maltese bus was already waiting for us and took us across the island, providing us a marvellous view at the landscape.
The first place we visited was the capital city of Gozo named Victoria or Rabat where our guide took us to the cittadelle. Another really fascinating tourist attraction was the Inland Sea at Dwejra where some small boats took us to the Azure Window which is now up to the race of becoming one of the seven natural world wonders. Bfore we finally got to the marvellous beachof Ramla L-Hamra, we made a short stop at Calypso cave. for taking some pictures.
Unfortunately we did not have much time for sunbathing because we had to reach the ferry which took us back to Malta Island. We arrived in time for lunch in out new homes. Afterwards we met again to spend the evening together with activities such as bowling or shopping. All in all we had an interesting and educational day. (Andrea & Patrizia)

monday 25/5
Today school started at 9 o'clock. We had a delicious breakfast prepared by Rita, our host mother. We were divided into two groups and our teachers were really nice. The lessons were funny allthough we worked a lot. School finished at 13:15
After a short break we got on a bus towards Valletta, the capital city. Today we were accompanied by a guide named Barbara. We got to know that Valletta is on a penisula, constructed by the knights of St. John. Surrounded by two harbours. We drove along its outskirts, walked through the centre and had a close look at the most important sights. In fact it was so hot again, so that our guide decided to give us the most important information, leaving out any details. Then we had free time to relax in one of the nice cafes or to go shopping in those incredibly small shops along the main street af Valletta. Back at home we prepared for dinner with our host families. Later some of us went to the cinema, the others remained at home with their families. (Thomas, Raffael)

tuesday 26/5
Today school started at 9 o'clock and ended at 1.30 p.m. Afterwards we had a break until 2 o'clock and then we headed towards Blue Grotto by busAbove the nice place we stopped to take some incredible pictures. The view was great. After having arrived at Blue Grotto we immediately made a boat trip. The cliffs and the colour of the water were extremely fascinating. So we took lots of picures from the stone formations and the water reflections, by the way we saw lots of jellyfish, too. Later there was enough time to relax, but none of had had the intention to go swimming because of the jellyfish. Afterwards we drove back to St. Julians and had dinner with our host families. In the evening we had the chance to go to the movie, some did so, the rest stayed with the host families. (David & Peter)

wednesday 27/5
Well, today school was absolutely hillarious. We made a competition and its bases was our music-knowledge. We were in team B and we lost by 2 points. After class we had our official break. Later we drove to Mdina, the so called "silent city", where we had much fun because of a treasure hunt. Andrea and Patrizia won. Then we had free time to walk through the narrow streets or to have a traditional chocolate cake at "la fortezza", the most famous caf'e in Mdina. Not to forget, from up there, Mdina is situated on a hill in the very heart of Malta, we had a fantastic view. After dinner we decided to go to the bowling arena and it was much fun, some of us tried it for the first time and were really talented. Finally we went to "splash" and played chess there. It was more or less midnight when we returend back home awfully tired. (anonymous)

thursday 28/5
According to our daily routine we went to school at 8.50. There we had our last lessons and got our certificates. During the break we took some nice group pictures with our teachers Dean and Sam. After school we had to choose between two opportunities. Either to walk to Sliema for shopping or visiting Poppey Village and swimmin in the sea. We decided to take the public bus (an amazing adventour on Malta) and reached the final bus stop relatively late, so we decided to change our plans and to go to the sea soon, otherwise we would have had to walk three kilometers in hot weather (38 degrees celcius) and maybe not having any time for sunbathing then. In the evening we could decide wheter to go to the movies again or to stay at home. Some stayed at home to recover from the exhausting trip. In our opinion the highlight was the delicious ice cream which we ate at the beach. (Sigrid & Claudia)

Friday 29/5
We went on a full-day excursion to explore the island Malta. The trip started at 9 o'clock. Our first destination was Marsaxlok, a fishing village in the sout-east of the island. It is famous for the "luzzi", these are colorful fishing-boats each decorated with the eyes of Osiris. Then we visited the church of Mosta, which has one odf the biggest domes in Europe. The inside is fantastically decorated and therefore worth seeing. Inside the girls hat to cover their arms and legs. The we visited a glass factory and a pottery. Fascinating, but too expensive for us students. The Dingli Cliffs were not as spectacular as expected, but we went there too. And the, the highlight, sunbathing in Golden Bay. It was incredibly hot but we enjoyed it pretty much. (Ines, Elisabeth)

Saturday 30/5
We woke up early and packed our suitcases. Then it was time to say good-bye to our host families. We met in front of school again. A pullman brought us to Malta International Airport. After the check in we had time for a second breakfast, some spent, what was left of their pocket money. Then we flew back to Munich, the flight was fine, except the area above Tyrol, there we could "feel" the bad weather. A pullman was waiting for us, so we could go on immediately. We were awfully tired and of course lucky to be back home soon. From pur point of view the trip to Malta was very funny, interesting, educational and entertaining. (Andrea & Verena)

Finally I want to say "thank you" to all parents and the Elternverein, because without their help and support this trip would not have taken place. I was quite astonished how mature our pupils are and they really behaved well during this week. I also want to mention that Prof. Josef Gladitsch, the class teacher, asked me to accompany him on this trip and together we started organising it last autumn, and I think all in all it was a real success. (Natalie Wang)


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